1) Question: I can’t make payment. Why is the problem with my card?

Answer: You may experience payment difficulties due to a number of reasons. Whether it be that your bank does not support online transaction, you’re experiencing Authentication error, or it could be that your payment card is not activated to facilitate online payments and e-transaction. Either ways, we advise that you try using another payment card or file a complaint with your bank for rectification.

2) Question: Do I need to register and open an account with SHA PRIME before making a purchase?

Answer: Yes. You need to open an account with us by simply filling in some of your personal details. This way, you will be able to sign up and enjoy access to lots of benefit like discounts, coupons, exclusive offers and lots more. It is that simple and easy.

3) Question: What type of products and services can I purchase on SHA PRIME?

Answer: Our online store is filled with millions of products, services and solutions that can be categorized into health and beauty, foods and drinks, wedding and events, electronics and gadgets, tours and travels, training and online courses as well as everything needed to make life worthy of easy for you. You can visit any of these categories and find the products that match your current needs.

4) Question: I’ve been required to submit some personal details. Are my details safe with you?

Answer: YES. We make use of strong information security systems to protect all our web users’ personal details. We use surefire encryption technologies and we follow the industry’s best practices by not sharing your details with third parties. Please check out our privacy policy statement to learn more.

5) Question: How do I login to my account?

Answer: It’s very simple. Visit on your device and fill in your email address (or username) and provide your password. If you do not have an account with us, click on the SIGN UP button and fill in the forms.

6) Question: I forgot my password and I’m unable to login. Who should I do?

Answer: If you have forgotten your password, you need to click on the LOST MY PASSWORD button and get redirected to a fresh web page. On the new page, you would be asked to complete a form by filling in your email address. Click on submit and check your email for link to your reset your password.

7) Question: I'm a wholesaler/retailer – can I buy from you in bulk?

Answer: Thank you for your interest in buying bulk products from us. We provide special discounts to all wholesaler and retailer that would like to purchase products in bulk quantity on our website. You can get in touch with out customer support team via for advice on how to process your order.

8) Question: What are the payment options at

Answer: At this moment, we accept payments from credit cards, debit cards, bkash and also other payment option available. Please contact to our rep or email for more information.

9) Question: Is using credit/debit cards safe on

Answer: YES. We make use of online payment technologies that guarantee the safety and security of your credit and debit card details. This way, you can be rest assured that your payment details are as using any card payment machine.

10) Question: How will I get full refund for a cancelled order?

Answer: Please note that you will only get a refund for products that are refundable. Upon review of your cancellation request, all funds will be sent bank into your bank. But we recommend that you read our refund policy to determine if your purchase is refundable. Refund varies on what you are buying and terms conditions on that specific deals.

11) Question: Are there any hidden costs apart from the price listed on the order page?

Answer: No. You will only be asked to pay exactly what is advertised on the order page and delivery fee it you would like to have it delivered to your home.

12) Question: Am I allowed to buy product/offer as a gift for someone?

Answer: Yes. You can make a purchase on behalf of someone. If you would like us to deliver the product to someone as a gift, you would be required to place the order online, make payment for the transaction, and include the contact address of the individual at check out. Rest assured, our team will deliver the package to the desired location Or voucher will be emailed as a gift.

13) Question: How can I list my business on SHA PRIME?

Answer: Thank you for your interest in listing your business on our website. Kindly get in touch with the appropriate department via with details of your business and proposal.